Grey Skyes Adventures

Every now and again a story comes along and grabs you by the shoulders.  It says, "You need to write me and you need to write me now!"  Who am I to argue?  Coming at you next month is the first in a brand new, funny, rom-sus series called Grey Skyes Adventures.  Look for book one The Skye's the Limit soon!



Yes, Virginia, there is a book three...

For all of you who have been patiently waiting for book three in the Paige Comber series, know that your wait is almost over!  I have to make my writing decisions based on the market (darn that paying rent and the disappearance of advances in this industry), but I tell you what... You've been out telling your friends and recommending this series and saying kind things, and I'm listening!  I've calendared in the brand new book and will have it to you before Page, Nate, and Johnny have to decide what they're going to do when August comes to an end and the future looms large before them.  Thanks for making this series a success!  And please continue to write your lovely reviews and tell your lovely friends!  xoxo


Hello!  I'm Agatha!  And I'm so pleased to welcome you to my blog!  I've just released the first book in the Paige Comber mystery series.  I wanted to capture that fantasy of quiet beach towns; long, lazy mornings over a cup of coffee; and the heady days of summer stretching endlessly before you.  With a little murder thrown in for good measure.  :)  I hope you enjoy it!  And if you do?  Please tell your friends!